Proceeding InternationalConference on Ushul Fiqh

Mohamed Hamadikinane Maiga, Hamadikinane and Muntoha Artalim, Artalim and Husni Mubarok Abdul Latif, Husni and Fajar Rachmadani, Fajar (2020) Proceeding InternationalConference on Ushul Fiqh. Syarah Faculty - Unida Gontor, University of Darussalam Gontor.

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Science and education are two important elements that are needed byhumanity, especially in the era that uses technology to solve the problems.And, almost all human beings are familiar with the technological developmentwhich has simplified human life.Besides, there are some sciences that play an important role in Islamicintellectual development. One of them known as ushul fiqh, which categorizedas a methodology in order to understand the texts of the revelations containedin the Qur’an and Sunnah and the procedures for determining the correctIslamic law from the revelation.One of the purpose in the existence of ushul fiqh is its ability toprovide solutions to problems that arise every single time. In contrast to theconventional law that is left behind the reality of law. However, Islamic lawthrough the science of ushul fiqh which is sourced from the Qur’an and Sunnahis very responsive to a variety of contemporary problems.In addition, over the time, ushul fiqh also has an important role in theIslamic intellectual development and Islamic economics. While the challengesfaced at this time are the lack of learning and research on ushul fiqh in lecturematerial and training of Islamic financial institutions. This causes the Islamicscientific experts, especially Islamic economics and Human Resource (HR) ofIslamic regulators rarely understand about ushul fiqh. Therefore, it is time forthe Muslim generation to make a deeper understanding about the sciencesthat can strengthen the science of Islamic law in order to maintain the shariawhich has been championed by the Prophet.Starting from this background, we as the academicians of ShariahFaculty University of Darussalam Gontor are encouraged and responsiblefor the importance of ushul fiqh’s understanding and education to hold anInternational Conference as the initial idea of giving birth to the experts ofushul fiqh in all aspects of legal science.

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